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Resin Free Sintered Stone

Resistant to scratching and abrasion due to the hardness of the surface.

Neolith® is not damaged by high or low temperatures

Resistant to UV Rays

Since the color is 100% natural, it does not deteriorate due to exposure to the sun or extreme temperatures

Resistant to bending

A high modulus of rupture. Resistant to high pressure and weight loads.

Waterproof and liquid-resistant. With an absorption level near zero.

Does not release harmful substances. Completely suitable for contact with food.

Suitable for High Traffic

Due to the hardness of the surface.


Up to 52% of any Neolith board is comprised of recycled raw materials.

Easy to clean

Resistant to chemical cleaning agents.

100% Natural

Resin-free. Does not release any harmful substance into the environment.

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